Annie Leibovitz 透過鏡頭看人生
Photographer of the Week: Annie Leibocitz

而看似名利雙收,Annie Leibovitz卻在2009年爆出財務危機,完美主義成為了她成名與破產的主因。在工作上,Annie Leibovitz可以一擲千金,造景不適合,二話不說拆掉重來。而四處購入房產也是大問題,花最多錢的則是在格林威治村(Greenwich Village)的房子,單單購屋就超過6百萬美元,內部裝潢更加可觀。大量的資金需求,讓Annie Leibovitz自2008年起,不斷向接受骨董或藝術品作為抵押品的高利放款集團Art Capital Group借錢,致使最後金額高達2千4百萬美金,折合台幣約7億2千萬元,最終Annie Leibovitz宣告破產。

攝影集<Pilgrimage>的拍攝,對歷經破產的Annie Leibovitz來說,是一趟心靈救贖旅程。

攝影集<Pilgrimage>的拍攝,對歷經破產的Annie Leibovitz來說,是一趟心靈救贖旅程。

「破產並非死亡,許多人從破產翻身,」Annie Leibovitz表示:「而我正是其中一位。」藉由一本沒有明星、沒有模特兒,甚至沒有人出現的攝影集<Pilgrimage>拍攝,Annie Leibovitz體驗了一場無規劃的行程,造訪對她人生有特殊意義的地點,進而找回投入攝影的初衷。踉蹌後爬起,Annie Leibovitz就像個充滿能量的攝影新人,持續為<Vogue>、<Vanity Fair>拍攝出讓人讚嘆的作品之餘,與Louis Vuitton合作的系列核心價值廣告(Core Values campaign),更是引人停駐目光,儘管少了華麗鋪張的佈景,卻凸顯了Annie Leibovitz對人與自然、既存建築間互動的掌握,也展現出一位國際攝影大師的核心價值。««

Annie Leibovitz(左)與Mikhail Baryshnikov(右)一同入鏡2010年的Louis Vuitton核心價值廣告。

Annie Leibovitz(左)與Mikhail Baryshnikov(右)一同入鏡2010年的Louis Vuitton核心價值廣告。


攝影師Annie Leibovitz小檔案
年前往舊金山藝術學院(San Francisco Art Institute)就讀,主修繪畫的她,利用夜間課程學習影像相關知識。
年進入雜誌<Rolling Stone>擔任攝影師。
年離開雜誌<Rolling Stone>,前往<Vanity Fair>擔任攝影師。
年開始,與美版<Vogue>創意總監Grace Coddington合作,祭出一系列以童話故事為靈感的影像專題。
年因還不出向Art Capital Group借的24百萬美金而宣布破產。
年以奧運游泳金牌選手Michael Phelps與前蘇聯體操選手Larisa Latynina為主角,為Louis Vuitton拍攝核心價值廣告。

»»Only few lucky people could make interests as their life-time career, and legendary photographer Annie was one of them. Since she started taking photographs when she was 20 years old, her affection for photography has lasted over 40 years, which gave her unique eyes to observe the world and capture the stunning moments.

Born in Connecticut in 1949, Leibovitz was the third of six children in the family moving frequently with her military father’s duty assignments. When she was 18, she majored in painting at San Francisco Art Institute. At the same time, she gradually discovered her interest in photography and learned all the knowledge and skills of it.

After graduated, her photographic talent was appreciated by Jann Wenner, the creative director of Rolling Stone magazine, who lead her stepping on the road of becoming a great portrait photographer. The well-known photos, such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono embracing picture and the vocals of Blues Brothers, she shot during the time in Rolling Stone brought her name to shine internationally.

Her next high tide in career was her job in Vanity Fair. Notable photographer Juergen gave a precise illustration to Leibovitz’s photographic style,“You can see some people look vaguely uncomfortable or uneasy, particularly in her big group shots for Vanity Fair. And, even when they’re at ease and smiling, it doesn’t look like a real smile, but an Annie Leibovitz smile.”

Her perfectionism built her reputation, however, also made her bankrupt. The extremely high cost of scene setting and real estate collapsed her by $24 million debt. As a brave and strong woman like her, she considered the bankrupt as a chance, not the death. The life experience not only brought her back to the original love of photography but also gave her new energy to continue showing her value as a international master photographer.««