Brian Atwood玩性愛趴 秋冬廣告遭禁
Too Much Sex, Brain Atwood’s new Ad was Banned.

Brian Atwood 2012秋冬動態廣告。(轉載自

»»賣弄情慾吸睛是時尚廣告慣用手法,自Tom Ford掌管Gucci與Yves Saint Laurent時,為品牌籌畫的血脈噴張形象廣告,獲得極佳的曝光效果之後,往後的時尚廣告就經常遊走於尺度邊緣。而Brian Atwood 2012秋冬形象廣告卻失了分寸,找來Candice Swanepoel一絲不掛的賣弄性感之餘,還「實況轉播」性愛派對場景,儘管在時尚攝影雙人組Mert Alas和Marcus Piggott的運鏡之下,藝術氛圍濃厚,但依舊止不住廣告被禁播的命運。

在Tom Ford主導下所推出的Gucci 2003年春夏形象廣告。

在Tom Ford主導下所推出的Gucci 2003年春夏形象廣告。

系列平面廣告不只禁止於Brian Atwood紐約Madison Avenue 專賣店展示,動態廣告同樣也禁止出現於紐約計程車的電視播放系統,導致品牌必須立即撤換廣告,改以保守版本因應。但觀看此形象廣告因禁播新聞而大量出現於各媒體版面,以及網路上流傳轉載,反而獲得了高曝光,這或許是品牌的行銷手法也不一定。««

»»Ideas of art combines with sex are very usual in Avant-Garde fashion commercials, but this time, Brian Atwood has crossed the line.

Since Tom Ford helped Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent push their brand to another peak through this new exotic style of advertisements, sex and nudity has always been common guests in high fashion brands’ commercials. Nonetheless, there still exits a limit.

Although the fashion film artists, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, created a scene of Candice Swanepoel appeal fully exposed in a “Sex Party” in the new image video of Brian Atwood that was fully drowned in the idea of art, the “high-fashioned art” did not the ads from being banned. Even the commercial was banned in the public screens such as Taxi’s mini TV and billboard screens; the internet has helped spread the news way faster than any other forms of media. With a high exposure rate of the video, this is once again, is another successful promotion for Brain Atwood.««