Craig Green錯誤的美麗 讓時裝和空間對話
Designer of the Week: Craig Green

2013春夏系列,Craig Green又企圖變新把戲,與Helen Lawrence合作針織系列同時,運用打磨技巧處理鞣革製成的襯衫,並刻意裸露車線營造麻棉粗獷質感。而Craig Green搞怪新奇的雕塑創作,也為他迎來不少聯名設計;Christopher Shannon 2012春夏與2013春夏男裝頭飾造型,即由Craig Green操刀,更紛紛為Adidas、Bally設計鞋款。接下來,在2月,可於巴黎La Gaite Lyrique的「ARRRGH! Monsters In Fashion 」欣賞到Craig Green精心打造的「小時尚怪獸」,見識Craig Green的時裝與空間的對話魅力。««

Craig Green為巴黎La Gaite Lyrique的「ARRRGH! Monsters In Fashion 」所打造的小怪獸(左)與設計草圖(右)。

Craig Green為巴黎La Gaite Lyrique的「ARRRGH! Monsters In Fashion 」所打造的小怪獸(左)與設計草圖(右)。

»»Craig Green is one of the most anticipated menswear designers of London nowadays. When asking what he thinks about menswear design, there are way too many answers: from people, fashion, time and space, to architecture and more, Craig Green loves to add anything, or everything, into his design. In order to emphasize the shape and structure of his works, he inserts elements such as tent, wire, and even wood plate to level up the creativity to the next level.

Craig Green’s childhood has nothing to do with fashion. With very plain family background, he has no intention of being a fashion designer. When he was little, being a painter was his ultimate goal. When he attended St. Martin as a student majored in Art, he got to know fashion through friends. But this was not the factor he stepped into fashion.

It was his curiosity that leads to the world of fashion. As he gave women’s wear a try, he failed miserably. It is this failure leads him to dig into wools and menswear. To be honest, he is more like a theorist, physicist, and psychologist than a designer. Everything he designed has to do with space and structure, sometimes light. His ultimate purpose of design is to transform something draw in 2D into something that is more 3D than we lives in (sometimes even 4D). Every work he produced in fashion, he can transform them into a sculptural art piece.

While “spatial” decoration is his attracting point of design, in 2012 FW’s 3D cubic, 2013 SS’s moveable cabin structure, and 2013 FW’s mechanical mask, there are full with elements of spatial structure within them. In addition of his design principles, he loves to take his muses from his journey of searching “himself”. For 2012 FW’s collection is based on The Midwich Cuckoos, written by John Wynham, he created a collection that discuss about society and its level, or problems, created by its residents. In addition, he also is a master of beautiful patterns. As he never stops to try on new ideas, he believes he can create anything, and everything, from his bare hands.««