Steven Klein顛覆時尚主流 擅長挑逗感官情緒
Photographer of the Week: Steven Klein

因此才會有貝克漢夫婦為2003年7月號義大利版<Vogue>上演絕對隱私的閨密情趣;Brad Pitt與Angelina Jolie因電影「史密斯任務」(Mr. and Mrs. Smith )傳出緋聞之際,為2005年7月號<W>演繹60年代美國模範家庭生活;甚至Madonna與巴西裔小男友Jesus Luz的老少配緋聞,也化作2009年3月號<W>的專題「Blame It On Rio」,慾望流動一覽無遺。

Madonna(左)與巴西裔小男友Jesus Luz(右)不畏流言,為2009年3月號<W>拍攝影像專題。

Madonna(左)與巴西裔小男友Jesus Luz(右)不畏流言,為2009年3月號<W>拍攝影像專題。

Steven Klein的特立獨行,連搞怪天后Lady Gaga也甘願折服,邀請他合作首款同名香水「Lady Gaga Fame」的形象廣告拍攝。而最新釋出的香水微電影中,Lady Gaga化身統治眾多男性的唯一女王,在充斥超現實想像的場景中,時而化作軍隊司令,時而變身嗜血惡魔,具象化香水賦予人的奇幻感受,也為Steven Klein的暗黑系攝影風格,訂立全新里程碑。同時透過流行天后Lady Gaga的號召力,也讓更多人能夠接觸這位攝影師挑逗感官情緒的影像作品。««

Steven Klein為Lady Gaga Fame香水拍攝微電影。(影片轉載自Haus Laboratories官網)

»»While W magazine celebrated their 40th anniversary with Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara, Keira Knightley, and Mia Wasikowska, the photographer who catches the beauty of these actresses to express the fashion of different decade was the American photographer, Steven Klein. Although these famous actresses did give his photo a great boost, what he really relied on was his deep thoughts contained within each photo he produced. In addition, he is also a master who manipulates sex and sm well in fashion.

Steven Klein was born in 1965 on Rhode Island. As he started to play around with photography at the age of 10, he used his camera to capture his youth and his history of love. During his college years, he went to Rhoda Island School of Design and majored in illustration. He did not pick up his camera again until he graduated. His first job is 1985’s Dior campaign. After that, he started to take photos for Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, and Tom Ford.

Aside from other photographers such as Mario Testino and Annie Leibotvitz, and David LaChapelle, Steven Klein is more Avant-Garde in the concept. In his works, he used different angles to show his audience where are the dark side in this world. In addition, he chose to capture the violence of male instead of the female’s beauty in most of his works.

During his work, Steven Klein is a very mind opened photographer. Although his camera always capture nudeness, his passion lead his coworkers willing to sacrifice anything in order to produce great master pieces. In 2003 July’s Italian Vogue, the Beckhams shared their love in bed with the public. Brad Pitt showed us the perfect family during 2005 July’s W magazine. In 2009, Madonna and her boyfriend Jesus Luz are willing to go on W to fit the theme “Blame It On Rio”. Further, Lady Gaga is also a passionate lover of Steven Klien, with her fragrance “Lady Gaga Fame”, she expressed her queeness under the camera of Steven Klein.««