Tom Ford 2012春夏女裝仿YSL?
Tom Ford’s Spring 2012 Collection Reveal



»»神秘兮兮的Tom Ford 2012年春夏最新系列終於發佈了,儘管媒體對此次系列褒貶不一,不過他自己倒是很坦然的承認,最新設計的確師承YSL,並應用於Tom Ford 2012春夏最新女裝。Tom Ford表示,「我想創造的是經典,而不是每季汰換的流行。在設計這次女裝時,我回憶起當時在YSL設計女裝的自己,並一直在心裡反問,我的設計風格是甚麼,又該如何替品牌帶來新意?」

與前兩次相比,Tom Ford這次讓衣服線條更加流線、貼身,若要更準確的指出此次設計靈感,那「客戶需求」才是此次主要元素,若客人買不到Tom Ford設計的摺邊洋裝、羽毛外套,那Tom Ford便在此次一次呈現給客戶,滿足女人美麗的需求。

Tom Ford承認此次系列的確有YSL的影子。

Tom Ford承認此次系列的確有YSL的影子。

寬鬆短上衣、合身筆筒裙、帥氣皮夾克、具建築感的楔型高跟鞋,參入流蘇、羽毛等元素,再以大膽鮮豔的色彩上色,這就是2012春夏Tom Ford要呈現給各位的「Tom式性感」,至於2012秋冬女裝,時尚金童也早有他的盤算,「下次發表還是在倫敦,不鋪張辦秀,如往常還是以小型私人型式發表,從2012年2月開始將一連舉辦10場,以控管人數與品質,而每一場都將由我一套套親自介紹」。 

端看Tom Ford 2012春夏系列,不難發現,此次做工的細緻程度,有部分已接近高級訂製服,且他愛搞神秘只辦VIP私人發表,鎖定敢花錢的多金客群,或許不久後的將來,會誕生「Tom Ford高級訂製服」也說不一定。««

Tom Ford時尚王國

設計風格:性感大膽,Tom Ford讓男、女回歸本質,散發純粹性魅力。


It is certainly painful to wait for a collection for 2 month, but here it is! The SS2012 Tom Ford collection, while receiving mixed reviews from critics, clearly includes hints from his YSL years, which he openly admitted. “I’ve streamlined things more this season. I think I’m very classic, because what I do is always based on something you’ve seen before. And yes, maybe there’s something YSL about it. When I left off designing for women, I was at YSL so I’m working through that to be me, asking myself, What do I like? What defines your brand?” said the designer in an interview with Vogue.

 Compared to the last two seasons, Tom Ford introduced more from fitting silhouettes into the mix, while the centerpieces included peasant blouses, pencil skirts and leather jackets, the finishing touches such as leather fringes and feathers suggest inspiration from the wild wild west. The craftsmanship of the collection also went up a notch compared to previous seasons, including some haute couture detailing that would take an educated customer to appreciate. Hence Tom Ford is looking to further downsize the presentation next season, resuming to small presentations held by the designer himself, limited to affluent clients and a handful of critics. If this keeps up, we need not be surprised to see Tom Ford starting a Couture line in no time.